Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh

The Forgotten State of Madhya Pradesh

Most people only remember Madhya Pradesh for its capital city of Bhopal, or maybe as the location of the Indira Gandhi’s assassination by her own bodyguards in 1984. However, this state in central India has much more to offer than that, and that’s why it’s important to write about its history and culture even today. From the oldest mountain ranges on Earth to the beautiful temples in Ujjain, here are eight things you should know about Madhya Pradesh.

Why Should You Visit

During a trip to India, many people visit other cities and states but there is an undiscovered gem in our own country. It’s one that you can visit for a very reasonable price, where you get a chance to explore some amazing historical sites and experience some delicious local delicacies. That gem is called Madhya Pradesh. The state has not yet reached its full potential as far as tourism goes, so I believe it would be great if more people visited it. If you do go on a trip to India at some point in your life and are looking for something new and different from what everyone else does, make sure to include a visit to MP on your itinerary!

When To Visit

Because it’s a central location, you can take trips to just about any other part of India from Madhya Pradesh. Most tourists visit during summer or fall. If you’re interested in visiting for religious purposes, February and March are holy months for Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists. June through September is monsoon season, so if you have a fear of thunderstorms (or don’t like getting wet), October through February may be your best bet.

What to do there

The most important thing to do in Madhya Pradesh is to see its incredible natural beauty. Trekking, especially into Shiwalik foothills and along the Narmada river, is highly recommended. While you’re at it, visit Bandhavgarh National Park; it’s an excellent safari destination that features a stunning jungle environment replete with waterfalls and wildlife.

What you should know about MP before traveling there

Madhya Pradesh often referred to as MP, is a state located in central India. It is known for its lush forests and national parks, and it’s home to several important temples and pilgrimage sites. The largest city in MP is Bhopal, which is a major commercial center with a rich cultural heritage; it was named after Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife. Residents speak Hindi or local dialects but English proficiency remains low. Although foreign travelers may be put off by poor infrastructure or unsafe roads in some areas, visiting MP offers an authentic glimpse into Indian culture and history.