Bihar – One of the states in India

Bihar is one of the 28 states and 7 union territories of India. The state borders Nepal, the People’s Republic of China, and Jharkhand to the north, Uttar Pradesh to the east, West Bengal to the south and southeast, and Chhattisgarh to the west. It also has small frontiers with Haryana to the northwest and Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh to the northeast.

The people

Bihar Culture

Bihar is inhabited by two major groups: Biharis and non-Biharis. Out of a total population of 101 million people (according to the 2011 census), 54% are non-Bihari and 46% are Bihari. Amongst these, Yadavs constitute 24%, Kurmis 12%, Bhumihars 8%, Rajputs 7%, Kayasthas 6%, and Pasi 5%. The religious groups include 80.5% Hindus, 16.9% Muslims and 2.4% others (Christians). According to provisional results of the 2011 Census of India, Hinduism is the majority religion in Bihar with 80.5 percent followers. Islam is the second most popular religion in the state of Bihar with 16.9 percent following it.

The official language

Hindi and Urdu.

Famous places

Bodh Gaya

The Indian state of Bihar is located at a height of sea level. The famous places are Bodh Gaya, Patna, Hajipur, and many more. The capital city is Patna. It was previously known as Pataliputra. At present, it has a population of 2 crore people and is an important place for various reasons such as trade centers and industries, etc. Most people believe that it was given its name by Lord Buddha himself which means ‘Place where everything grows’. There are various topographical features like rivers and mountains present here. Some major rivers like Gandak River or Jamuna River flow through here making it a favorite tourist attraction spot too along with being a highly populated urban area as well.

Economy and Tourism

The economy is largely service-based. Tourism has been developing as an important segment of its economy. Patna receives tourists from all over India and from foreign countries. In 2008 Patna was ranked the 12th cleanest city in India. This ranking improved further to the 4th cleanest city by 2012.

Quick Facts

Like every other state in India, Bihar has a rich history and heritage. Patna is its capital city and is also known as the Granary of India. Bihar shares its border with Nepal to the east, Jharkhand to the north, Uttar Pradesh to the west, and south are surrounded by the river Ganges on three sides. Geographically it covers an area of 94346 sq KM which makes it 3rd largest state after Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Governed by Centre (Delhi) through Lieutenant Governor (LG). The current Chief Minister is Nitish Kumar.